Campsite in the middle of Norway's nature.


Valdres is the beating heart of Norway. In the centre of Norway, between Oslo en Bergen you'll find the community Vang i Valdres.
The number of inhabitants of Valdres is approximately 1.600 in an area as big as  1.500 km2.

The community consists besides Vang also off the villages Ryfoss, Hensasen, Høre and Øye.

You'll find Camping Bøflaten in Vang, the largest community. Our campsite has a lot to offer to the whole family.

Valdres is considered to be the “front yard” of the national park Jotunheimen. Our camping offers a view on Norway's most popular national park, which is ideal for hiking and biking.

Extremely challenging are the mountain trails wich are clearly marked.

Bøflaten Camping is situated on the shore of a beautiful 20 km long lake, called the Vangsmjøsa.

You can enjoy water sports and the lake is an excellent fishing spot for trout.

The Vang community has a number of famous authentic stave churches. You'll find them in the village Øye and Høre.

The campsite is opened all year.